A Conversation with Caldwell Insurance: Availability of Insurance and Home Purchasing Decisions + Insurance Companies Operating in High Brush Areas

So you kind of see it from both sides.

We do.

The insurance side, and then from the property owner side, because you’re the one making that connection. How are you finding that the availability of insurance is impacting the way people make choices when they want to purchase a home?

Right. Today the market is very difficult, and as you mentioned, we act as a broker or an agent. So we represent some insurance companies or a handful of insurance companies, which many of them are shrinking because they’re pulling out of the entire state as of recent. And then at the same time, we work with the consumer and the homeowners. We also do a lot of commercial building insurance. And our job is to go to the marketplace, find the best level of coverage for the needs of our customers, and then match them with an insurance company.

And when it comes down to the marketplace, I can say that two years ago we probably had close to anywhere from five to ten because the market is constantly fluctuating. But five to ten companies to go to on the homeowner side, and today we’re down to two. And that doesn’t include the California Fair Plan. The California Fair plan would be the third one. That’s obviously the last option we want.

What are the two that are still operating?

The two that we’re still currently riding with are Safeco and Travelers. They’re not writing in high-brush areas. So what we’re having to do is if you are in a brush area, which is most of Tuolumne County currently.

I was going to say, What area in Tuolumne County isn’t a high-brush area?

Right. We’re turning to them to write the companion policy, which is referred to as a difference in conditions policy. And that kind of goes alongside the California Fair plan.

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