Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage? – Sonora CA

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine we’ve had the last few days. I know we have, I’ll call it, suffered, in California through a lot of rain and snow, which we desperately need, I know. But I wanted to just talk about insurance coverage for excess water and flood. We’ve had a lot of claims coming in because of the water. There’s just so much water. But I wanted to let everyone know that those claims in general are not covered. We have a specialized policy for flood insurance that is not covered on a normal homeowner’s policy. You have to buy a specific policy to cover excess water, which is called a flood policy, and it’s run by the National Flood through the federal government.
If you have any more questions about flood insurance in particular, please give our office a call. It does have a 30-day waiting period to get a flood policy, so you can’t wait until we get more rain, unfortunately, to look into a policy like that. So give us a call if you have had problems with that so we can make sure that you’re completely covered. Thanks, and have a great day.

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